Throwback Jam: Mansions On The Moon – Rest Of Your Days

Throwback Jams are the songs that still make you stop and listen no matter how long it’s been since they came out. We throw them up as we can and put them up for you guys to rediscover; check the rest of our Throwback Jams!

It has been too long since I’ve really sat down and revisited some old music and it seems that there are certain songs that will never lose their magic. When I first discovered Mansions On The Moon, I was still just discovering the various styles of electronic music while still looking to expand my horizons in indie music, which I had loved forever. Their combination of big, airy, electronic and rock elements had me hooked but their track Rest Of Your Days really caught my attention. The Crosby Stills and Nash style harmonies they used over just a simple acoustic guitar was such a refreshing change of pace from what I was listening to at the time and even now, it still moves me every time I listen to it. I raved about their latest project, the Full Moon EP, over on ThatNewJam.fm this past summer and I think its about time you guys took a listen to what got me so excited in the first place.

Mansions On The Moon – Rest Of Your Days

Written by: @randymcrandell | @thatnewjam

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