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BroBible’s ‘Mid-Winter Whiteout’ Party Playlist

Week 3 of computer silence which mean’s the ‘White Girl Wasted’ Weekend Power Hour for BroBible must be put on hold on favor of another week in favor of an alternative. This week, to commemorate The Day After Tomorrow style blizzard that everyone and their mother has put up a Facebook status about, we’ve put…

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BroBible’s ‘White Girl Wasted Weekend Power Hour’ #008

It’s power hour time people courtesy of TNJ and the good people over at BroBible! This week has songs from all over the spectrum that I really did some digging for like the Cam’ron classic Hey Ma, and the Justin Timberlake and Pharrell collaboration Senorita as well as new favorites like Hardknock from my new…

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BroBible’s White Girl Wasted Weekened Power Hour: New Years Eve Edition

This marks the end of one of the wildest years of my life. A year ago I couldn’t have imagined that I would be going to Pier 94 tonight as press or making this power hour for great guys like the people at BroBible and having all of that is only making the TNJ crew…

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BroBible’s White Girl Wasted Weekend Power Hour #007

This is a special power hour for me; tonight is the Devils Rugby Fall Banquet and besides being a chance to celebrate a successful season, it includes everyone’s two favorite words: open bar. While this certainly means this will be my last post for today (and most likely early tomorrow), it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t…

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BroBible’s White Girl Wasted Weekend Power Hour #006

Thank god for the weekend (which is beginning a day early as it should) because it’s been a damn long week people and what better way to welcome in the light at the end of the tunnel than with another installment of the White Girl Wasted Weekend Power Hour. Get the brew and shot glasses…

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BroBible’s White Girl Wasted Weekend Power Hour #005

I’m still kinda shocked that this whole thing is still going. We got 60 tracks strong of the best of what TNJ does: EDM, hip-hop, throwbacks, indie, remixes…just good music to rage to. Start your weekend early for me while I finish this damn paper and then make my late night push to Tom &…

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