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Team Bayside High Went Ahead and Trapped Out Everyone’s Favorite Wedding Song For Everyone’s Enjoyment

This is the DEFINITION of a win by Team Bayside High for me. Take a crowd favorite song like Shout (honestly, who doesn’t go wild when you hear this song?), throw on some unrelenting 808’s, chop the hell out of the vocals, and make a song that will absolutely captivate people’s attention mid-set. Besides the…

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Basement Jaxx – Where’s Your Head At (Team Bayside High & Willy Joy Bootleg)

There are certain tracks that you just know will be good before you hit the play button; TNJ favorite Willy Joy teaming up with Team Bayside High to remix Where’s Your Head At is certainly deserving of that distinction. There’s no disappointment to be had and the pairing busts out with a crunchy bass infused…

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The Postal Service – Such Great Heights (Team Bayside High Bootleg)

I love when I find a song that is more than 5 minutes of some variation of a 16 bar loop. While I haven’t been a full blown follower of Team Bayside High, it was absolutely awesome to find this ambient yet powerful bootleg of The Poster Service’s classic song Such Great Heights. They let…

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