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Tayyib Ali – Keystone State of Mind 2 (Free Mixtape)

Tayyib Ali

As the catching up continues, be sure not to skip over this latest free mixtape from Philly rapper Tayyib Ali. The former VMG product has been getting love from all around the interweb from titans like ThisSongIsSick for a while now and his latest project Keystone State of Mind 2 dropped last night for all to hear. He’s currently finishing up a US tour with names like Cisco Adler & Choo Jackson and although I haven’t given the tape a full listen through yet, I have nothing but good things to say about what I’ve heard so far.

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Tayyib Ali – Keystone State of Mind 2

Written by: @randymcrandell | @thatnewjam

Drake – The Motto (Jon Bellion Cover) + TNJ Exclusive Interview

This is one of those 100% full circle blessings. On the first day of this site’s existence, I posted an artist spotlight for Jon Bellion, a kid with talent beyond measure that I met through one of my best friends from home. Five months later, Jon has released an unbelievable cover of The Motto through Visionary Music Group, the same guys who manage Logic and Tayyib Ali! We got a chance to chat with the Long Island native and ask him about his influences, his plans for the future, and his perfect overnight studio session. His debut album Translations Through Speakers is gonna be dropping at the top of the new year so get excited and enjoy!

Drake – The Motto (Jon Bellion Cover) – DOWNLOAD LINK

TNJ: What was the inspiration for doing a real melodic cover of the motto?
JB: My sister said i couldnt do it! Lmao

TNJ: Haha thats absolutely awesome! I saw that it was put out on Visionary Music Group? How did you end up getting hooked up with those guys?
JB: Chris Zarou (head of Visionary) has been a friend of mine for a while… we recently just decided to move forward…. really excited about the future!

TNJ: Any chance we’re gonna see you hooking with their main man Logic?
JB: Hmmm guess they have to stay tuned! Haha

TNJ: From tracks like Handclaps and Autotune for Lovers to something like The Right Direction you cover a huge array of different sounds…where do you find yourself pulling most of your influences from?
: Who knows lol I’m the bastard step child of music haha I grew up listening to so much music because of the internet it really messed me up hahaha

TNJ: Alright, so you can do one overnight studio session with anyone dead or alive (producer/artist/whoever) who you goin in with?
JB: Hmmmm Kanye and Dean Martin! Pow!

TNJ: I like it! Alright last one; from what you can disclose to us mere mortals, what’s up next for you in terms of releases/shows/videos etc.?
JB: Translations Through Speakers is finished… were finishing up some videos and releasing! I’m really excited!

We thank Jon Bellion for taking time out to talk to us. We’re really pumped for him to finally be getting the recognition he deserves and can’t wait to bring you guys the singles from Translations Through Speakers leading up to the new year!

Written by: @randymcrandell | @thatnewjam