such great heights

The Postal Service – Such Great Heights (Team Bayside High Bootleg)

The Postal Service - Such Great Heights (Team Bayside High Bootleg)

I love when I find a song that is more than 5 minutes of some variation of a 16 bar loop. While I haven’t been a full blown follower of Team Bayside High, it was absolutely awesome to find this ambient yet powerful bootleg of The Poster Service’s classic song Such Great Heights. They let the iconinc blippy intro drone in the background while they infuse running arpeggios, frantic drums and cinematic ambience carry you off into catatonia. We’ll most certainly be keeping an eye out for these guys in the future so grab the free download and check all of the usual assortment of links below!

Team Bayside High: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

The Postal Service – Such Great Heights (Team Bayside High Bootleg)
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Written by: @randymcrandell | @thatnewjam

The Shameless Shuffle #001

Welcome to the first official TNJ Shameless Shuffle. Every Sunday, we’re turning loose one of our author’s iTunes library on shuffle for the first 5 songs that pop up. Part of the idea for starting this site was making it a spot where you can enjoy good music, not always necessarily the newest and when your looking for those old jams, sometimes you just gotta let your iTunes go and see what comes up. For the first week, I couldn’t have been happier with my shuffle featuring CLASSICS from Goldfinger, Big Sean, Kanye West, Far East Movement, and The Postal Service!

Goldfinger is a staple of any summer playlist and there’s gotta be a few of you guys who recognize Superman from the ORIGINAL Tony Hawk!
Goldfinger – Superman – DOWNLOAD LINK

For anyone who questions Ye’s production chops should probably figure out how he flipped a Steely Dan song into an entire beat and get back to me.
Kanye West – Champion – DOWNLOAD LINK

I’m not saying that my iTunes is filled with all gold medal winners but this is shameless right!?
Far East Movement – Like A G6 (Remix) ft. 50 Cent – DOWNLOAD LINK

This is possibly one of the most played tracks in my entire library; it was my first introduction to Big Sean & right at the beginning of my fascination with all things Swelly.
Big Sean – Too Fake ft. Chiddy Bang – DOWNLOAD LINK

Definition of a high school classic. I was a HUGE DCFC & Postal Service fan so this seems to be a fitting close to our first segment.
The Postal Service – Such Great Heights – DOWNLOAD LINK

Written by: @randymcrandell | @thatnewjam