The Ketchup Post: Weekend Money

Weekend Money

Weekend Money is a musical duo born straight out of the New York lifestyle scene, as in one that pulls influence from everything AND music. The group is comprised of NYC/Philadelphia-based rapper Ne$$ (who is a member of the Dead Prez affiliated group A-Alikes) and Brooklyn, by-way-of Iraq, producer/vocalist Baghdaddy. And although they do explain in their bio that they’re [obviously] not the first musicians to pull from the plethora of influences that is New York City, they do describe the following:

New York City is everything. We wouldn’t have made this project if we didn’t live here. There are so many people, personalities, stories, sounds, etcetera everywhere you turn. The city is the muse for this project.

The quote is in reference to their Naked City EP, which dropped last year, but the influence is there nonetheless and it is certainly something that still remains. I guess for me personally, in essence, Weekend Money embodies the progress growth of the hip hop music genre (which in turn embodies NYC as the foremost city driving culture and inspiration worldwide).

Their lyrics are consciously tied to the emotion and style of each instrumental, making them versatile and marketable. And their beats, whether self produced or aided by the likes of Hot Sugar, incorporate spacey synths and grungy drums and bass lines that tip their to both 90′s hip hop riffs and 2013 EDM jams. Samples of their work and links to their social media networks are all provided below.


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Peep their video for “Nostrand” as well – ish is hella dope.

Weekend Money – “Nostrand” (Co. Prod By Hot Sugar)

Written by: @aimxhigh | @thatnewjam