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The Ketchup Post: Galantis

Thanks to a tweet from Porter Robinson earlier today, I’ve come upon one of the most serendipitous musical discoveries in a while. Somehow the duo Galantis have completely evaded my gaze since their inception but the combination of Christian Karlsson of Miike Snow and Linus Eklow aka Style Of Eye is an absolute winning combination.

Galantis: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Apparently Kaskade dropped the song You during his Ultra Music Festival set to consensus Twitter approval and after going through their full Galantis EP, which you should buy and support and check them on tour if they happen to be coming to you. The lead track Smile is also a personal favorite of mine off the project and the whole Galantis EP is a showcase of incredible songwriting ability in dance music if nothing else.

Galantis – Galantis EP

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Listen To RAC Remix Sea of Voices by Porter Robinson

Definitely wasn’t thinking this was going to be the start to my day but there is something awesome about RAC linking up with Porter Robinson to craft this remix. With Porter so intent on distancing himself from “EDM”, it’s nothing if not fitting that RAC was the first artist unveiled to take over remix duties. The track is littered with cascading arpegiated blips as well as live drums and guitars that hold true to the sound that RAC has been known to have crafted. You can pre-order the track on iTunes and check the usual assortment of links below, now that the full rollout for Porter’s album WORLDS is here, I can only expect big things.

Porter Robinson – Sea Of Voices (RAC Remix)

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Coldplay x Porter Robinson – Midnight Voices (TKST Edit) [Free Download]

While I’m not sure there is much you can do to improve on the new Porter Robinson song Sea of Voices, it’s fairly safe to say the original record wasn’t intended for a DJ set. Thanks to The Kite String Tangle, one of TNJ’s favorite Aussies, we now have exactly that with a perfectly executed edit combining Sea of Voices with Coldplay’s new single Midnight for a perfectly chilled track that is the perfect way to bring the FEELS to your set. Free download available as well so check the assorted links and vibe out!

The Kite String Tangle: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Coldplay x Porter Robinson – Midnight Voices (TKST Edit)

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Porter Robinson Debuts Sea Of Voices Off Upcoming Album WORLDS

We have been anxiously awaiting the unveiling of new material from Porter Robinson. Following the successful release of his collaboration Easy with Mat Zo and crushing his string of festival appearances this summer, there has been mostly quiet from Porter’s side as he focused on finishing his album. After a bidding war that found him on the Astrelworks, the day has finally come when we get to hear the music that has basically broken SoundCloud.

The song is everything you might hope it would be after Porter Robinson’s decision to focus on beautiful, expansive music. It compliments the entire aesthetic that has been put in motion since the release of his 10 hour promo video and was preceded by a pretty profound string of tweets that he has apparently been sitting on over the course of years. I respect the shit out of what this guy is about and the sincerity and self-awareness that goes into what he does is everything I strive to do when the TNJ brand. That said, peep the track and hang on for a beautiful ride, there’s plenty more where this came from.

Porter Robinson – Sea Of Voices

Read it from his mouth (Twitter feed) below!

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Porter Robinson’s New Album is titled WORLDS And He Announced It With A Cryptic Video

TL;DR: Porter’s got a new album coming out, the promo video is 10 HOURS long and littered with cryptic clues. If I had to guess, this album will sound like the beautiful music that could soundtrack the end of the world and I think there might be a release date hidden in the 48 second video loop. Scroll to the bottom and let us know if you can figure out what the hell those symbols mean!

Ok. First thing’s first Happy 10 Year Anniversary of College Dropout Day. One of the most important things about that album is that it showcased Kanye West’s meticulous perfection of everything he does; there is nothing that occurs in anything he does just by accident. Which brings us to this TEN HOUR long Youtube promo video for Porter Robinson’s upcoming album, which we now know is titled Worlds. Porter, much like Kanye, is also obsessed with perfecting what he puts out and he has told his fans numerous times that he is in search of creating an absolutely beautiful experience.

Let me preface this by saying this is entirely my opinion and that this could all be me overanalyzing or reaching. That said I think that this video is an unbelievably well thought out product. First of all the video is 10 hours long…obviously unwatchable in its entirety when really its only a minute of real contact. It’s soundtracked by what I’m guessing to be really LoFi sounding versions of songs from the album.. the song playing during the video sounds like a cinema score for the end of the world. The scenery shows visuals of beautiful sprawling hills and forests purple hue and grainy effect like an old TV. It then cuts to a Tyler Durden-ish variation of the Emergency Broadcast System messages used in the 1960′s if there was every going to be used if there was ever a nuclear threat. Although I’m not sure what the LLA refers to in place of what used to be FCC in the original, note the strikethroughs over the word EMERGENCYs as if that were to instill further calm and the use of WORLDS as if it were a city.

Porter Robinson's WORLD Promo Video May Contain Hidden Release Date?

Here’s where it gets weird. The video breaks down into a detuned robotic voice constantly repeating the word WORLDS, which we know is the name of the album. To make this thing 10 hours means that you can’t scrub through the video easily…moving the slider at all on the video means you’re moving at minutes at a time not seconds. First of all, that means if you wanna see any of the video at all, you have to watch it from the beginning and the entire way through. That also means if you were trying to stop the video at any particular time you wouldn’t be able to scrub to it. Visually, it is a 48 second loop of and various digitally designed shapes and characters (like those seen on Porter Robinson’s Tumblr page), the album title, rapidly glitching text and a kaomoji face that looks to be somewhere between frustrated and upset, much like the face you would make if trying to stop the video for a very small amount of time at a very particular time to see something that might be hidden. So I went frame by frame and pulled the images.

Porter Robinson's WORLD Promo Video May Contain Hidden Release Date?

Porter Robinson's WORLD Promo Video May Contain Hidden Release Date?

Porter Robinson's WORLD Promo Video May Contain Hidden Release Date?

Porter Robinson's WORLD Promo Video May Contain Hidden Release Date?

I can’t make up or down of any of this stuff but if there’s one thing I know about Porter Robinson, there is nothing that he does that isn’t on purpose and even if those other symbols are just other various trolling kaomoji faces, he’s made me think this far into a 48 second loop and for him, I think that’s mission accomplished.

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Free Download: Synchronice – Threshold (Original Mix)

synchronice threshold

It seems as though those Saulsky brothers of Synchronice finally deemed it time to release their absolutely scorching electro track Threshold and for free download too! Supported by the biggest names in the scene like Porter Robinson and Dirtyloud, it’s not really hard to see why by the end of the track. Pulling a haunting voiceover from an old rave documentary, crunchy electro synths intertwine with driving leads for an absolute win.

Synchronice: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Download the track & Subscribe on Tumblr at ThatNewJam.fm!

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See What Life’s Like As EDM’s Golden Child with the Porter Robinson Language Tour Documentary

Porter Robinson: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Last April, Porter Robinson released one of the biggest tracks I’ve heard in my experience of listening to dance music with his single Language. From the soft keys and tantalizing vocals to the the unorthodox buildup and eventual powerful breakdown, I’ve had some of the best moments of my life with that song as the soundtrack. To support the single, Porter got on the road with The M Machine and eventual collaborative partner on the track Easy, Mat Zo for the Language Tour: a 30 show in 30 day road trip across the country. The Porter Robinson Language Tour Documentary chronicles Porter’s trip and really letting you get inside his head about topics such as family, his fans, his awesome tour crew and the inevitable super-stardom of his tour mates.

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Porter Robinson – Say My Name (Aylen Trap Bootleg)

Porter Robinson - Say My Name (Aylen Trap Bootleg)

Few people have the squeaky-clean production of TNJ favorite Aylen. Always seemingly to create the exact bootleg or remix you were looking for to take your set to the next level, this trap edit of Porter Robinson is absolutely what I’ve been looking for you. Reworking the iconic breakdown and sample into a fury of synth stabs and 808′s, this track is sure to find its way into rotation in sets this summer!

Aylen: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Porter Robinson – Say My Name (Aylen Trap Bootleg)
[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/94598033" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

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Porter Robinson – EDC New York Live Set (Full Tracklist)

Porter Robinson - EDC New York Live Set (Full Tracklist)

There are certain people that just do it right and for those that don’t know, Porter Robinson’s kinda that guy for me as far as electronic music goes. This hour long live set from EDC New York this past weekend is everything I’d hope to hear in a Porter set; it toes the line beautifully between interesting, recognizable and flat-out face-melting. I can only imagine what the energy must have been like at Citi Field that night with his mainstage set wrapping up the entire 2 day festival. With a COMPLETELY different set than he unleashed at Ultra Music Festival at sunset, Porter once again refuses to let music get stale by playing one of the most diverse track selections from the festival.

Whether it was the LRAD bootleg that I’m sure fooled the entire crowd, the 100% In The Bitch VIP, the opening track that leads into The Seconds or that song at about 19:20 seconds that I absolutely love, he moved so fast splicing the highs and lows of different songs together that you ended up bombarded by waves of sound. I liked that he got in the TheFatRat remix of Set it Off on his quick stop by 110 BPM and he keeps the love for Synchronice, Jay Cosmic and Mikkas going as he did at UMF. This is probably the most exhaustive track listing of the set that you can find and after you see the kinda variety in there it really does give you some insight into where he draws his influences from.

Porter Robinson – EDC New York Live Set
[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/92914233" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

Track Listing:
01 Porter Robinson feat. Jano – The Seconds w/ Specner & Hill ft. Lil Jon – Less Go (Porter Robinson Remix)
02 Knife Party – EDM Death Machine [EARSTORM/BIG BEAT]
03 Case & Point – Upgrade
04 Porter Robinson & Mat Zo – Easy [MOS/ANJUNABEATS] w/ M83 – Midnight City (Eric Prydz Private Remix)
w/ Porter Robinson & Mat Zo – Easy (Botnek Remix) [MOS/ANJUNABEATS]
05 Kaskade feat. Haley – Llove (Dada Life Remix)[ULTRA]
06 Oliver – Control w/ Leon Boiler & Alex Kinji – Trumpets (Leon Bolier Club Mix)
07 Henry Fong & Toby Green – Revival
08 Ummet Ozcan – The Box [RESET (SPINNIN')]
09 Billy The Kit & Saint Liz – Raveheart
10 Porter Robinson – Unison [OWSLA]
11 Plump DJs – Gobbstopper
12 ID – ID
13 Nari & Milani – Atom w/ Gassefalstein – Variations
14 Dave Winnel ft. Will Reckless – Achtung!
15 Mercer vs. The Prodigy – Breathe (Late Night Edition)
16 Knife Party – LRAD (Porter Robinson Edit)
17 Noise Controllers – Scared
18 Mikkas & Amba Shepherd – Finally [STRICTLY] w/ Zedd & Lucky Date feat. Ellie Goulding – Fall Into The Sky[INTERSCOPE]
19 Orjan Nilsen – Copperfield
20 Kill The Noise & Brillz & Minxx – Saturn (Jay Cosmic Remix)[OWSLA]
21 BeatauCue – Red Blocka
22 Porter Robinson – 100% In The Bitch (Porter Robinson VIP)
23 Diplo ft. Lazerdisk Party Sex – Set It Off (TheFatRat Remix)
24 ID – ID
25 Wolfgang Gartner – Illmerica
26 Conro – Axiom
27 Simon Patterson & Jordan Suckley – Vanilla
28 Porter Robinson – Say My Name
29 Armin van Buuren feat. Laura Jansen – Sound Of The Drums [ARMIND (ARMADA)]
30 Hardwell – Spaceman (Headhunterz Remix)
31 Avicii & Nicky Romero – I Could Be The One (Synchronice Remix) [Porter Robinson Edit]
32 Porter Robinson – Spitfire w/ The Outside Agency – Headphone Wisdom
33 Robin S – Show Me Love w/ Darth & Vader – Return of the Jedi
34 Porter Robinson ft. Heather Bright – Language [BIG BEAT]

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Mat Zo & Porter Robinson – Easy

Mat Zo & Porter Robinson – Easy
[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/4541192" params="" width=" 100%" height="450" iframe="true" /]

As the Mat Zo & Porter Robinson single Easy continues to be the gift that keeps giving with unofficial remixes from TNJ favorites like Willy Joy, today we get the official remix package from Anjunabeats with some huge chunes. We already brought you the remix from Botnek that Porter dropped during his set at Ultra Music Festival and you can add some great material from Modek, Lemaitre and Andy C.

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