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Passion Pit – Carried Away (Dillon Francis Remix)

I had to know that sooner or later I’d have to eat my latest words regarding Dillon Francis on his latest song Messages; I didn’t think it would be less than a week later though. He absolutely MURDERED this remix of the Passion Pit single Carried Away with his signature happy melodies and some great vocal chops. The breakdown uses an awesome acid house synth that I haven’t heard him use (but is similar to the one that Clockwork has been using lately) and it comes with good reason that Dillon Francis even said himself that this is one of his favorite remixes he’s ever done next to his officially commissioned Suit & Tie remix. Check the video up top for DF & Passion Pit sitting down with Sony to talk about the art of remixing!

Dillon Francis: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Passion Pit – Carried Away (Dillon Francis Remix)

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Passion Pit – Constant Conversation (Remix) ft. Juicy J

Passion Pit - Constant Conversation (Remix) ft. Juicy J

I’m really not sure how no one else thought of this one before. If you are the sort of person that fails to pigeonhole everything into genres, you would hear more than just a whimsical/melancholic indie track when you first heard Constant Conversation from Passion Pit off their latest album Goassamer. The track serves as a real mellow hip-hop production and the forward thinking Boston boys called on Juicy J to lend a verse that couldn’t be smoother.

Passion Pit – Constant Conversation ft. Juicy J – DOWNLOAD LINK

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Passion Pit – Carried Away (Tiësto Remix)

Passion Pit - Carried Away (Tiësto Remix)

When Tiësto remixes a record, you already know it’s going to be massive. His latest release is right on target, as he opens 2013 with a dope electro remix to Passion Pit’s “Carried Away”. Watch the official video that released through Columbia Records below, and pick up the track off Beatport. Enjoy!

Passion Pit – Carried Away (Tiësto Remix) – Purchase via Beatport

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The Ketchup Post – Plus Move

the ketchup post

The group of Future King, Good Cat, Donatello & Thom von Blake other wise known as Plus Move just caught my attention today with their unbelievable hip-hop reworking of the Passion Pit single Constant Conversations. After being blown away, I proceeded to do some digging and after realizing I had seriously missed the boat, decided the TNJ community deserved a Ketchup Post on these guys. They had a remix of Little Secrets that topped the HypeM charts in 2010 and Future King & Good Cat also released a collaboration which I included as well. Usual assortment of links and downloads below!

Plus Move: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Passion Pit – Constant Conversations (Plus Move Remix) [feat. Future King & Good Cat]

Passion Pit – Little Secrets (Plus Move Remix feat. Future Kiddd)

Future King & Good Cat – Good Lovin

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Passion Pit – Constant Conversations (Official Video + St. Lucia Remix)

St. Lucia is a producer from New York that shows the result of a childhood mastery of classical music and a love of atmospheric synth pop. His remix of the Passion Pit single Constant Conversations from the hugely successful Goassamer album is beautifully ambient while still preserving all the raw emotion from the original version. Speaking of which I just happened upon the official video for the original which is a beautiful visual to accompany the amazing song. You can grab St. Lucias debut EP here which is loaded with his signature sound or check out his other outlets below!

St. Lucia: Facebook | Twitter | Official

Passion Pit – Constant Conversations (St. Lucia Remix)

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Passion Pit – Take A Walk (The M Machine Remix)

I don’t think I could really think of a more interesting combination of sounds than a Passion Pit track meeting The M Machine. The only material that we’ve ever really heard from them is their debut album Metropolis Pt. 1 and that dark industrial feel is still present although there is certainly more melodic elements kept from the original. In the end, the melting pot of influences sound perfect when they’re coming out the speakers and I couldn’t be happier about that.

Passion Pit – Take A Walk (The M Machine Remix) – DOWNLOAD LINK

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Ghost Beach – Miracle

This song is perfectly playlisted by our friends over at WallFlowerFood as Upbeat Morning and that might be the perfect description for it that I can think of. This Ghost Beach song comes complete with a big ambient synthy sound and funky bass and drum lines that just make you wanna get up and do something crazy. Very similar to the new Passion Pit single we gave you a little while ago, this is a must-have for anyone who likes that ambient MGMT indie sound.

Ghost Beach – Miracle – DOWNLOAD LINK

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Indie – Passion Pit – Take A Walk

Three years after Passion Pit found themselves catapulted into the indie stratosphere with the release of their full length debut album Manners, the boys from Cambridge, Massachusetts have released their first new single by the name of Take A Walk. The newest material still holds onto the fun, synth-dominated style we’ve come to love but features a much more airy sound than most would be used to. Their sophmore effort Gossamer is set for a release date of July 24th.

Passion Pit – Take A Walk – DOWNLOAD LINK

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Timeflies Tuesday + The Scotch Tape

I know I said I’ve been late to the party before but this is just a disgusting display of obliviousness on my part. While Timeflies has been garnering a stupidly large internet following, hit the #2 spot on the iTunes pop chart and #8 spot overall 24 hours after releasing their debut album The Scotch Tape and releasing a wildly successful weekly video called Timeflies Tuesday, I must have been burying my head in the sand like an ostrich because it has passed me all by until today.

Timeflies is a group consisting of duo Cal & Rez who met while attending Tufts University and performing in a band together. Rez’s production is similar to that of Xaphooon Jones and Pretty Lights, finding ways to mix in elements of electro, hip-hop, and dubstep to make a truly unique sound that I’m a huge fan of and Cal’s the vocalist who does his work working rhymes in over the beats and also sings. I’ve included their latest Timeflies Tuesday installment as well as the free streaming of their album The Scotch Tape which you can download from their website or buy on iTunes!

P.S. All you Binghamton kids should get to know these guys very well because they’ve just been confirmed as the third act of Spring Fling alongside The Cataracs and Passion Pit. You should all like the ThatNewJam Facebook page just in case there happens to be some incentive for the show…


Timeflies – The Scotch Tape – DOWNLOAD LINK

Timeflies Tuesday

Written by: @randymcrandell | @thatnewjam