HBO Documentary Special: Beyonce Trailer

HBO Documentary Special- Beyonce Trailer

Multiple GRAMMY-award-winner, entrepreneur, and actress Beyonce will be the focus of an intimate feature-length HBO documentary film debuting February 16, 2013. For more, check out this link to HBO’s page. Genuinely looking forward to this doc in which Bey seems to unveil her much-talked-about “private” celebrity life.

HBO Documentary Special: Beyonce Trailer

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50 Cent Says French Montana Gave Him DJ Khaled Tape From ’09 (Update: French & 50 Exchange Tweets)

This week 50 Cent joked about French Montana and his music career, dubbing him the “new Ja Rule”. Yesterday, as more interview footage surfaces with 50 while he is on his full promo tip, he revealed that he knew French Montana for awhile, during his DVD days.

While talking to Big Boy on Power 106, 50 was asked what his relationship was like with French prior to his success, “I ran into him a few times, he was like a DVD dude. He would come and shoot DVD’s and stuff (as the camera person). You could tell he always wanted to be an artist, or be a part of being seen,” 50 said.

Fif goes on to reveal that during the period of time he was beefing with MMG boss Rick Ross, the Bad Boy rapper actually helped him by selling out DJ Khaled and giving him the tape of footage from Khaled’s mother’s house which he released in 2009. “When I got into it with Rick Ross and Khaled, I saw Khaled at the BET Awards when that happened, but I don’t actually remember seeing Ross, that sparked his interest or the things he said on his record to start. But I think that’s a part of hip hop, where a new artist attacks an established artist in order to generate the interest. That happened, I didn’t know who Rick Ross was, so I had to take a look. I do my homework, I find somebody who know somebody, that can give me some information, like who is. Frenchie, they got me the tape of his mother’s house, where his mom’s work at, the other cribs, the studios [Khaled’s tape]. I ain’t taking no L’s”.

Watch the interview with Fif below. As well in the second video 50 talks on addressing Game on “My Life”, and says he has “no malice” for the rapper, although he thinks his career is done.

50 Cent’s Beef with French Montana

50 Cent – My Life

Jay-Z To Release Eight Track EP Titled “Live In Brooklyn”

To commemorate his eight show performance at the home of his Brooklyn Nets, the Barclay’s Center, Jay-Z will release EP called Live In Brooklyn.

The EP will feature eight tracks, the same number of shows at his Barclay’s stop, and is set to drop October 9th.  It will consist of recorded tracks from his show on Saturday, October 6th. You can pre-order Live In Brooklyn here.  The performance last night was also made available for fans to stream (pretty awesome stuff). The release will go out exclusively through iTunes.

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Dr. Dre Is No. 5 “Highest Paid Celebrity”

After a massive deal with HTC, Dr. Dre reaches the number 5 spot on Forbes’ “Highest Paid Celebrities” list.

Forbes released their annual “Highest Paid Celebrities” list and Aftermath Entertainment CEO, Dr. Dre, is the sole hip hop representative.

Dre is always amongst the highest paid men in hip hop with his producing credits and label ownership.  After selling his majority ownership of 51% of Beats By Dre headphones for over a whopping $300 million, Dre comes in at a more than respectable number 5 on the “Highest Paid Celebrities” list.  Thanks mostly in part to the over $110 million he cleared as part of his payout for selling his share in Beats with his deal with HTC.

The list predicts that Dr. Dre won’t be featured next year because the deal with HTC is what propelled him so high this year.  Oprah Winfrey, Michael Bay, Steven Spielberg, and Jerry Bruckheimer rounded out the Top 5 on this year’s list.

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Funkmaster Flex & Nicki Minaj – Full Hot 97 Phone Call

With all the buzz surrounding Funkmaster Flex and Nicki Minaj’s Hot 97 phone call running rampant throughout the internet, we at TNJ figured a simple download link containing the entire conversation would make sense. You may need to block out a solid hour of time in order to hear it cover-to-cover, but I highly recommend you do. The conversation leaves a lot of room for interpretation and discussion, so kick back and let drama continue.

Download Link

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