Must Be The Feeling

Dubstep – Nero – Must Be The Feeling (Original & Brookes Brothers Remix)

I just can’t get enough of this song. Nero’s Must Be The Feeling was already a jam on its own merit but now it’s taking off as a remix hit and I’m loving it. The sample is perfect and everyone that remixes seems to have a completely new way to look at it so I’m bringing you a couple of my favorites as well as the original track. We gave you the Delta Heavy remix of this when the site was first starting but these two mixes are just as amazing in their own rights. The Brookes Brothers is a funky electro-house version of the song which brings just enough funky bass and some glorious synth leads that do the trick for me. Anyway enough rambling catch the download and enjoy!

Nero – Must Be The Feeling (Original Mix) – DOWNLOAD LINK

Nero – Must Be The Feeling (Brookes Brothers Remix) – DOWNLOAD LINK

Written by: @randymcrandell | @thatnewjam

Crunchy Dubstep – Kill The Noise – Must Be The Feeling (Remix) (ANOTHER ONE)

Alright, this is actually insane, Kill the Noise JUST released ANOTHER remix of “Must Be The Feeling”. This time, it has that beautiful OWSLA sound that we all know and love; full of growls and jumping blips. You all know the original song pretty well be now, but yup, here is another banging remix. If any other artist decides to remix this track, it better be better than the last 3 combined.