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The Ketchup Post: Weekend Money

Weekend Money is a musical duo born straight out of the New York lifestyle scene, as in one that pulls influence from everything AND music. The group is comprised of NYC/Philadelphia-based rapper Ne$$ (who is a member of the Dead Prez affiliated group A-Alikes) and Brooklyn, by-way-of Iraq, producer/vocalist Baghdaddy. And although they do explain…

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The Ketchup Post – Dvnny Seth

Around 3 or 4 months ago, while I was exploring the vast abyss of music, that is Soundcloud, I came across a rapper out of London, going by the name Dvnny Seth (Pronounced “Danny Seth”). I was pleasantly surprised by his single, “£££,”, immediately downloaded his entire first mixtape, PRESPLIFFS VOL. I, and proceeded to eagerly…

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Whole-Z – The Ketchup Post

Ladies and gents, meet Andrew Holzberger aka Whole-Z, a brand new discovery of mine as of 23 minutes ago and already one of my favorite young remixers I’ve stumbled upon lately. A college student from Vermont, he’s remixed everyone from Martin Solveig to DJ Kool to Edward Sharpe; all of them wildly different and unbelievably…

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Olu – The Ketchup Post

For those of you who haven’t heard of Olu, allow me to bring to you the second installment of The Ketchup Post. The product of Cleveland, OH, he’s released 3 mixtapes already and after hitting 10,000 Facebook fans, he released the music video for Apple Juice Break that you see below. Browse around his YouTube…

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