Kastra vs. Big Tymers – Still Feeling Fly

You got gator boots, with the pimped out Gucci suit? Got a quarter tank of gas in your new E-class? Feel like your DJ set has been missing the Big Tymers anthem Still Feeling Fly? Kastra is here to put all those issues to rest* (*mainly the DJ set issue…your ass-being-broke problem may still proceed…

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Zedd – Clarity ft. Foxes (Aylen Remix)

God I hate having two tests on one day. I’m gonna be rotting away in the library studying for most of today so my posts will be a bit sporadic but with that said, I couldn’t wait to get this up on the site. Aylen adds his name to the list of people who remixed…

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Kastra – American Sex/Vixen

Here’s that moment when I admit that I was simply blind to an unbelievable producer for no particular reason for an unreasonable amount of time. Kastra is a New Jersey product and partner in crime of Aylen (they did a jaw-dropping remix of Wolfgang Gartner’s Redline that I still have on blast occasionally) and this…

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Wolfgang Gartner – Redline (Aylen & Kastra Remix)

I always know I’m in for a treat when I see a new release from Aylen but this remix alongside Kastra has absolutely blown the roof off my expectations. As if Wolfgang Gartner’s original production wasn’t awesome enough, these two Garden State producers have taken this one next level with absolutely perfect buildups that just…

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