Madeon x NERVO – Love Icarus (Aylen Mashup)

Aylen pumps out tracks at a rate unlike anything I’ve ever seen and the crazy thing is that they’re all the constantly high quality you’ve come to expect. He finds a great marriage in the form of the NERVO twins’ vocals from You’re Gonna Love Again and the beautiful instrumental from the then 17 year…

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House – Madeon – Icarus (Collin McLoughlin Vocal Edit)

In most cases, I find that vocals and bacon have a lot in common; things are usually better with it than without it. In no way shape or form did 17 year old Madeon‘s nu-disco classic Icarus need any improvement – it was perfect as it was. With that being said, the addition of these…

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Funk – Madeon – Icarus (Original Mix) + Friend Crush (Jake Bullit Remix)

I’m not 100% sure where this whole new wave of funky nu-disco music is coming from but I am absolutely loving it. A nice change of pace from the surge of wannabe Avicii’s trying to blow up the progressive house game, these two songs are the perfect mix of Woodstock meets Miami Vice and what…

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