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A-Trak – Fool’s Gold Radio Episode 18 (March 2013)

I always look forward to our monthly dose of FOOOOLS GOOOOOLD spun to perfection from mixing maestro A-Trak. As someone who really likes to sit down and listen to the “art” of DJing (at the risk of sounding slightly pretentious), there’s nothing better than being able to listen to how a 5-time DMC champion chooses…

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Fool’s Gold Radio – January 2013 Mix (Mixed by A-Trak)

It’s that time agaaaaiiiiin. It’s nothing short of a treat when A-Trak takes to the decks and as I’ve said before, he’s possibly the only DJ on the planet that I’ve could listen to, have NO idea what a single song is, and still love ever second. If you want a tutorial on how the…

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Fool’s Gold Radio – November 2012 Mix

It’s that time people. We’ve officially fallen into November which means its once again time for A-Trak to take to the decks for the monthly installment of Fools Gold Radio. In its 15th episode, the 5-time world turntablist champion spins us a great selection of tracks including his own collaboration with Lifelike and countless other…

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Fool’s Gold Radio – October 2012

If you follow TNJ you know the unbelievable respect and admiration that I have for A-Trak is only second to my sheer awe of his mixing skills. He’s one of the only people I can sit and listen to for an hour, have no idea what any of the songs are, can’t tell where one…

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Fools Gold Radio – August 2012 Mix

If you want to hear what I’ve been talking about when I say A-Trak lays down some unbelievable work behind the decks, you may wanna check out his Fools Gold Radio mix for August. Mixing in his world-class scratching with a track selection that doesn’t feature a single usual overplayed commercial chart-topper, the hour long…

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