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Flux Pavilion – Starlight

I’m so excited that I’ve become a fan of Flux Pavillion. He was always a name that people who really knew about the electronic music scene would toss around and I knew he was good but DAMN is he good. This brand new track Starlight is off his upcoming Blow The Roof EP which is…

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Flux Pavillion – Blow The Roof

What a day for the tempo of 110 BPM althought there’s no way I’m gonna even bother trying to put a genre on this. Flux Pavillion’s latest release just so all over the place that calling it “moombahton” or “mooombahcore” or “moombahdub” or one of the other 138972934 genres bloggers seem to make up daily…

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Flux Pavillion – OneTwoThree (Make Your Body Wanna)

I can’t pretend to be an authority on the UK dubstep scene that has been largely shaped by Flux Pavillion, Doctor P and the rest of the Circus Records crew but there are a few things I can enlighten you all on. Flux Pavillion is the guy who produced the anthem Bass Cannon as well…

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Major Lazer – Jah No Partial ft. Flux Pavillion

Flux Pavillion is one of the best producers that I never seem to really listen to. It took me until now to learn that he was the guy that produced I Can’t Stop and after hearing this track, you can definitely start to pick out what his “voice” is. That being said, mixing his undeniable…

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