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will.i.am ft. Eva Simmons – This Is Love (Afrojack Remix)

The entire blogosphere goes into pandemonium every time a new Afrojack song hits the interweb and with absolutely good reason. The buildup features his signature wailing sirens but as soon as the drop hits, he ditches them in favor of some tremendous low end wobbles that took me by complete surprised. will.i.am is continuing to…

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Will.I.Am – This Is Love ft. Eva Simmons + Music Video

I missed the initial premiere on this one (my bad) but for those of you who have been wondering what Will.I.Am has been doing lately (not me) it seems like he’s been getting real deep in the EDM scene and in support of his upcoming album #Willpower, he released this music video for his single…

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House/Mainstream – Eva Simmons – I Don’t Like You (Production by Zedd)

The name Eva Simmons should look familiar to almost everyone here although you may not know explicitly why. You know this name because she was the voice that powered Afrojack’s monsterous hit Take Over Control that was one of the biggest tracks of 2011 and now she’s back with the lead single from her debut…

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