Hoodie Allen – Fame Is For Assholes ft. Chiddy + Cake Boy

Both of these tracks showed up on my SoundCloud feed yesterday so why not give them in a combo post. Hoodie Allen is getting ready to hit the road and is also releasing a mixtape called Crew Cuts tomorrow. The Opposite of Adults-esque video for the feel-good party track Fame is For Assholes is absolutely…

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Hip-Hop – Chiddy Bang – Zeros (New Free Song)

These guys are just ridiculous. Not only is their debut album holding steady at #3 on the iTunes Hip-Hop music charts but they just keep giving. Xaphoon released this one through his twitter as a thank you to his fans and the one and only Team Swelly (we pretty much amazing). I’m pretty sure that…

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Hip-Hop – Chiddy Bang – Handclaps and Guitars FREE iTunes SINGLE OF THE WEEK!

GREAT NEWS for all you swelly people that read TNJ! Chiddy Bang already blew the doors off their album release by releasing it a week early in the good old United States and they’re at it again by making their single Handclaps and Guitars the Free iTunes Single of the Week! Get pumped because after…

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Hip-Hop – Chiddy Bang – Grab a Plate

I’m not sure this day could get much better but before I start rambling let me get to business. Now officially only 10 measly days away from releasing their major label debut album Breakfast, Chiddy and Xaph are kind enough to continue to dish out appetizers to get us ready. This one, called Grab a…

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Hip-Hop – Chiddy Bang – Extra Well ft. Chip tha Ripper/Possible Special Binghamton University Promo

I can’t begin to explain how excited I am for Chiddy Bang’s major label debut Breakfast on February 28th in the US and they gave us another track off of the Grab a Plate prealbum mixtape called Extra Well with the help of Chip tha Ripper. Originally thought to be an actual mixtape release, Xaphoon…

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