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Progressive House – Jessie J – Domino (Cherry Coke Remix)

I’m always a little bit skeptical of producers remixing Top 40 tracks but this free download courtesy of Cherry Coke’s SoundCloud has eliminated any doubt I had about this one. He brings in a big progressive style build-up that breaks down into a nice electro drop with some really nice low end wobbles and fuzzy bass. In distinct Cherry Coke style, the track really works well to accentuate Jessie J’s beautiful vocals present on the original track while giving it a distinct club quality sure to get any crowd dancing.

Jessie J – Domino (Cherry Coke Remix)
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Written by: @randymcrandell | @thatnewjam

House – Sunloverz ft. Rosette – Fire (Cherry Coke Remix)

Keep an eye out for Cherry Coke in the near future. Not only the most refreshing of all Coca-Cola products, DJ Cherry Coke is a refreshing blast of some strong emotive synths backed by Rosette’s haunting vocals that explode in a beautiful buildup and a crushing drop. Absolutely download if your looking for a real powerful song (kinda like Tobi D’Eramo’s Grapevine posted here a couple days ago). Be sure to show love to the Cherry Coke Music SoundCloud page and be sure to check back here through the day because there’s plenty more to come to bring you full force into your weekend!


Sunloverz ft. Rosette – Fire (Cherry Coke Remix) – DOWNLOAD LINK
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Written by: @randymcrandell | @thatnewjam