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Blaise Delfino – Be Alright (Official Cover Video)

After bringing you the release to this cover a little over 3 weeks ago, we’re back to give you Blaise’s very-well-done music video to the record. In a time where “cover music” is live and well, Delfino manages to remain in the upper tier of the category, truly giving you (the fan) the full package….

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Justin Bieber – Be Alright (Blaise Delfino Cover)

Although Justin Bieber usually isn’t a focal point of this site, Blaise Delfino’s cover of the Bieb’s record “Be Alright” is worth a mention. With the acoustic version of Believe just recently released via Island Records, the timing for covers such as Delfino’s couldn’t have been any better. Check it out in the link below…

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Blaise Delfino – Friday’s Finest (TNJ Single Release)

Throughout the first set of months since That New Jam’s inception, we’ve laid the brickwork and established relationships with an unbelievable group of up and coming musicians. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania native Blaise Delfino is one of “them”. Over the last half decade, Blaise has opened and worked with a wide variety of artists ranging from JoJo,…

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