Kanye West – Deep/Slaves/Mercy (Someonehad2doit Edition)

This track. right. here. tho. Everyone has heard an earful about the trend of trap enthusiasts going deep. But this track takes DJ Snake’s anthemic remix of New Slaves and flips it into a bass house banger. The man behind the track is even more enigmatic than this track, it being his only post on Soundcloud and only triple digit followers. Someonehad2doit is 100% an artist to watch because I have a feeling he/she/they will have a multitude of jams on the way.

Kanye West – Deep/Slaves/Mercy (Someonehad2doit Edition

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PUSHER Drops Production Knowledge In YouTube Tutorial

One of my favorite new styles of music coming out is this “neon” style; think upbeat, melodic based music with really intricate rhythms and drum work.  Like complextro met hip-hop & N64.  Today I stumbled upon an incredible YouTube tutorial on some of the production points of the style using the super-powerful plugin Massive from  PUSHER, one of the producers driving this sound forward.  As someone who has used multiple YouTube tutorials from artists like Kill Paris to push my production game further, I am going to make a commitment to post up these kinds of videos as I see them.

Check out the video for 12 minutes on some nice pointers using the Massive synth including what some of the routing means and ways to augment your sound.  First starting in Massive can definitely be overwhelming, but the tutorial does a nice job of breaking everything down into its basic parts and really providing some really good insight.  You can check out his YouTube channel for more videos and some of his tracks and look below the Massive tutorial for a 17 minute one digging into ‘Leads, Chords, & Basses’.

PUSHER: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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Tek.Lun – Heart In Mind

Starting off with a Dilla-esque synth array behind a 4 to the floor beat, Tek.Lun’s track ‘Heart In Mind’ leaves you in a euphoric trance. However the true genius behind Tek.Lun’s track lies in the gradual progression of this track. Going from a groovy 4 to the floor beat to transform into what I can only describe as a crossover between Mr Carmack, J Dilla and 90s house. I would safely call this one of the most future beats I’ve heard all year. Definitely check out the rest of his Green Box EP and feel free to abuse that free download button on all his tracks. Tek.Lun is a jam master.

Tek.Lun – Heart In Mind

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Check Out David Heartbreak’s ‘Rose Colored Bass’ Project File on Splice

While the power players in the new digital music ecosystem like SoundCloud have begun to lose their dominance due to issues with their user interface, copyright infringement, and potential for exploitation/manipulation, new services have begun to arise to provide a better listening experience.  Enter Splice, the tech startup creating a cloud platform for music creation, collaboration and sharing.  As artists are still looking to create music while increasingly being on the road to support themselves, Splice has taken the Google Docs approach to music production by allowing artists to work in Ableton via the cloud.  This not only allows for increased collaboration between touring artists, but also provides the ability for a community to create and share music made by the creators, with the creators; something never seen before.

After releasing the full project file for Henry Fong’s original collab with J-Trick titled ‘Scream’,   Their latest product to rollout is  their Thump-premiered player shows exactly what you can do when you have access to the full artist project file like for David Heartbreak’s new footwork-inspired track ‘Rose Colored Bass’.  Open the full project on Splice’s website and you can individually solo and listen to each of the projects’ 33 channels to get a more in-depth look at the how the best-of-the-best set up their projects while also being able to break down tracks further than the one singular waveform provided by SoundCloud.  As someone who really enjoys digging into what makes up my favorite tracks, I see this as a huge utility moving forward and I can’t wait to see what else they roll out next.  You can see get the full track/project file for ‘Rose Colored Bass’ when it sees a full release on 9/1.

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This Yellow Claw Video Is Infinitely More Effective Than EZOO’s PSA

This collaboration between Yellow Claw, Diplo, LNY TNZ & Waka Flocka Flame came across my attention a couple days ago and I kinda breezed over it as another “trap banger”.  Granted, this is an absolute BANGER but at a moment when the market for ignorant turnup music is kinda saturated, I could safely say I wasn’t looking to get rowdy during my daily 11am SoundCloud binge.  Today, I came across this video with the caption “A thousand times more effective than EZOO’s PSA in my opinion…” and that was enough to catch my attention.  With harm reduction and risk management seeming to be the most likely alternative to follow the current dominating policy of feigned ignorance, anything that adds to that conversation deserves a moment.

To lead off, big ups has to go to whoever conceptualized this whole idea because it isn’t until you see the video that the message comes through.  Having Waka Flocka yelling how his “trap is going techno” is the perfect hook to serve as a tongue in cheek reference to the fact that rappers are now influenced by dance music more than ever as well as the fact that the “trap game” has switched up to cater to this new influx of “EDM”.  While the Electric Zoo public service announcement was certainly well-intentioned, the message should focus on what an enormous risk it is that you don’t know what those substances are and how they got there until you test it, not just berating the “You can have fun without drugs!” message.  The sonics of ‘Techno’ suggest a straight club banger that eventually even grows into a full hardstyle production, peep the video and follow the storyline that will change this turnup anthem into a serious warning about what you put into your body.

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How SimpleCrew Allowed Me To Construct My Own Street Team Overnight

We’re living in a kinda crazy time right now.  With the ability to learn or do anything being just one YouTube tutorial or Google search away, people are now able to do infinitely more things than ever before with no formal “training”.  This past summer, myself and ThatNewJam as a whole was handed an incredible opportunity in Binghamton, NY with the local hip-hop station 93.3 WJOB to help scale ForeverGlow, a successful series of local events into an event to be held at the Broome County Memorial Arena, with a capacity of 2200 people.  Having a bunch of experience working as a freelance production assistant with my brother armed me with the basic understanding of how events work but this was the first time I was ever intimately involved with the planning and execution of an event from top to bottom.  SimpleCrew was one of the most powerful reasons that ThatNewJam was able to assist 93.3 WJOB in doing what had to be done in order to make ForeverGlow III: FutureHype ft. Bro Safari the successful event that it was with over 1400 tickets sold.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 11.24.52 AM

One of the most worrisome parts of the entire experience was how I was going to be able to effectively organize a team of students from Binghamton University to spread flyers, hold locations of our mobile ticketing office (Pop Up Shops), and spread the word about the event on social media.  The sheer amount of communication could stand to be overwhelming  and I couldn’t imagine that I would be able to hold all of these people who are helping out accountable with the assignments.  It can very easily become “Take these fliers and put them around” and your street team member shakes your hand, turns the corner and dumps the stack of flyers in the trash.

With it’s in-app assignment/email system, picture uploading option for easy collection of visual content related to your promotion and the geo-tagging features, SimpleCrew was one of the most powerful reasons that ThatNewJam was able to assist 93.3 WJOB in doing what had to be done in order to make ForeverGlow III: FutureHype ft. Bro Safari the successful event that it was with over 1400 tickets sold.  As my experience in live event production and coordination grows, many things will change but the one thing I can absolutely assure is that SimpleCrew will continue to be the way that I organize promotional teams.

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Is 2014 The Year of the SoundCloud Collective?

Let’s face it; in 2014, no one knows what they’re doing. Aside from the people that are in the super elite class of things, those that are currently successful were generally either early or lucky. Major labels are struggling to find a viable formula to meet their insane profit margins and independently released artists like Macklemore, Mac Miller and others have proven that there is a realistic path to superstardom without a major label record deal (major label distribution helps, of course). An important thing happened when SoundCloud introduced its repost feature however, as users could instantly skyrocket the reach of their tracks and as with all innovations, certain entities have looked to capitalize on the feature’s potential.

There are people making positive movements in the space and this feature has spawned some incredible collectives of artists who house themselves under a collective, effectively creating a new-age label. These aren’t the kind of “labels” that shell out 6 figure advances to record in Paris, but they’re combined promotion and exposure is enough to sell tickets to shows, drive interest and create a living for these artists as they hone their craft. Below are some of my favorite collectives out right now, let me know in the comments if I missed any!

Point Point: https://soundcloud.com/pointpoint

Moving Castle: https://soundcloud.com/movingcastle

Flow-Fi: https://soundcloud.com/flowfi

Hegemon: https://soundcloud.com/hegemon

Milkwave: https://soundcloud.com/milkwave

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Get Your Tickets for ForeverGlow III: FutureHype ft. Bro Safari

ForeverGlow III is the third and final installment of the popular Binghamton, NY party uniting the Southern Tier through dance music. We’re blowing the doors off this one by moving the event to the Broome County Memorial Arena and bringing in Bro Safari to make sure that the turnout will be turnt up!

Tickets for ForeverGlow III: FutureHype ft. Bro Safari being held at the Broome County Memorial Arena on 9/6 are now available via Ticketmaster! You can pick up the tickets in person at the Ticketmaster Box Office at the Broome County Memorial Arena at 1 Stuart St. in Binghamton, NY to avoid the online fees or head on over to the Ticketmaster link below in order to purchase your tickets.


Optimized-ForeverGlow JPG

Rustie x AC Slater at Webster Hall 7.25 [Photo Gallery]

When Rustie takes to the decks at Webster Hall, you know what follows will be special. Joined by veteran bass pedelar AC Slater, these two absolutely destroyed the decks in the East Village at the end of the July and our photographer Ryan Schoenherr was there to capture all the madness! Check the full album out on our Facebook page!

Want Hi-Res versions? Contact Ryan Schoenherr at rtschoenherr@yahoo.com for photos and other inquires.

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Porter Robinson Conquers WORLDS [Album Review]

It is immediately apparent to listeners as soon as the record starts that the 57:54 journey through Porter Robinson’s WORLDS is unlike anything out right now. The debut album from the NC native, which feels like M83 and MGMT fell in love with Dragonball Z and EDC, is one of the most complete and refreshing electronic music projects to come out this year as public opinion continues to sour regarding “EDM”. Having already proven his prowess as a dance music producer capable of crafting some of the most detailed, complex and beautiful tracks to grace festival stages since dance music’s explosion, the thoughtful lyrics and immersive songwriting present on WORLDS are a refreshing break of attention from finding the “BIGGESET DROP or harping over the merits of a producer’s sound design. Instead, Porter Robinson launches listeners into WORLDS of their own.

Porter Robinson Conquers WORLDS [Album Review]

From top to bottom, the rollout for WORLDS was nothing if not precise. Making it clear that this upcoming project was not an album of dance music starting with Sea of Voices as the first single, the vocaloid ballad Sad Machine hit the net next followed by collaboration with Urban Cone in Lionhearted. The tracks received the imminent onslaught of remixes with highlights coming from Giraffage, RAC, Anamanaguchi, Arty as well as Maxx & EJ.

The lack of waveforms in the NPR player forces the listener to actually listen to the song, rather than skipping to biggest portion of each waveform as SoundCloud listeners (myself included) are guilty of doing from time to time. With a project that is as thought out as WORLDS, it makes a huge difference that you actually take an hour to sit down and listen through the project in order; each song has a purpose in the context & order of the album, which can certainly explain why it was streamed on NPR as one single 57:54 track. WORLDS is more of an album with an overall aesthetic and narrative with a noticable focus on songwriting and production quality than a dance mix compilation that some electronic albums happen to turn into. It is certainly safe to say that with all of the thought that has gone into WORLDS, the live show is going to be an experience unlike anything we’ve seen (or heard) before.


Porter makes the kind of music that inspires you to push yourself and and celebrate all of the beautifully quirky things that make up who you are. The self-awareness shown by removing himself from the environment which he felt was limiting him in order to craft a lane distinctly his own is something that everyone should take note of and apply to their own lives whether it pertains to music or not. The album is vulnerable where it needs to be, defiant in others, loud and vast all over and everything that I would’ve hoped it would be.

WORLDS Concept Art 10


Edit: i didn’t bother cleaning this up because i personally thought it conveyed the train of thought i was going through listening to each song. also try and turn “flaming lips kinda ish” into proper english…so here it is

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