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The Ketchup Post: Galantis

Thanks to a tweet from Porter Robinson earlier today, I’ve come upon one of the most serendipitous musical discoveries in a while. Somehow the duo Galantis have completely evaded my gaze since their inception but the combination of Christian Karlsson of Miike Snow and Linus Eklow aka Style Of Eye is an absolute winning combination.

Galantis: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Apparently Kaskade dropped the song You during his Ultra Music Festival set to consensus Twitter approval and after going through their full Galantis EP, which you should buy and support and check them on tour if they happen to be coming to you. The lead track Smile is also a personal favorite of mine off the project and the whole Galantis EP is a showcase of incredible songwriting ability in dance music if nothing else.

Galantis – Galantis EP

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The Ketchup Post: The Hudson Project

So I can’t wait to finally unveil to all of you that ThatNewJam is kicking off a full week of all-things dedicated to The Hudson Project to announce our media partnership for this year’s festival! Held in Saugerties, NY the product of Camp Bisco organizers MPC Presents will be a full 3 day camping experience in one of the most beautiful locations Upstate, NY has to offer. With 4 stages, a live performance space, interactive pieces of art and local cuisine all on the shoreline of the beautiful Hudson River.

The Hudson Project Lineup Banner

In its first year, The Hudson Project brings together a huge variety of artists including hip-hop heavyweight Kendrick Lamar, indie staple Modest Mouse, Bro Safari, The Floozies and more than enough to keep your happy for years.

The Hudson Project Week on ThatNewJam

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The Ketchup Post: OYT

Some artists make such an immediate impression once you discover them that it becomes a gold mine of good material. At times like these it’s absolutely time to get you all caught up with The Ketchup Post. See the rest of The Ketchup Post here!

After last week’s piece highlighting some live acts you gotta see, I’ve found myself really being drawn to live acts more than DJ sets. OYO out of Estonia makes some funky music and perform it all live (think Rudimental), you can check their song Now or Never below as well as their previous project the Burnout EP. Be sure to check the song Looking Out The Window from the Burnout project… intro caught my attention immediately.

OYO – Now Or Never

OYO – Burnout EP

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The Ketchup Post: Tate Tucker

Some artists make such an immediate impression once you discover them that it becomes a gold mine of good material. At times like these it’s absolutely time to get you all caught up with The Ketchup Post. See the rest of The Ketchup Post here!

We brought you Tate Tucker and his single High Dials a little over a month ago on our radio show ThatNewJamFM and even then we knew this guy would be due for The Ketchup Post. Often backed by the production of Garret Lodge, his lyrical prowess is immediately apparent and his self-awareness is immediate. He just released his newest song Renaissance Man which I will certainly be having on constant rotation which you should be checking out below along with the usual assortment of links.

Tate Tucker: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Tate Tucker – Renaissance Man (Prod. by Garret Lodge)

His style is as diverse as you can imagine with electronic tinged indie beats such as the one used for High Dials, a soul-sample layered track in Fire and one of my personal favorites in Bickerin. The progressive electronic meets hip-hop vibe that they’re going for is exactly what I’m looking for these days and the lyrical content is never lacking with this kid. I can only hope that his decision to pursue music full time pays off for him because talent like this deserves to be recognized.

Tate Tucker – Bickerin (Prod. by Garret Lodge)

Tate Tucker – @YupItsTate

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The Ketchup Post: Hotel Garuda

Some artists make such an immediate impression once you discover them that it becomes a gold mine of good material. At times like these it’s absolutely time to get you all caught up with The Ketchup Post. See the rest of The Ketchup Post here!

We first brought you Hotel Garuda following the release of their Rhythm of the Night remix and sebsequently featured them twice on our radio show ThatNewJamFM. The combination of Manilla Killa and Candle Weather make for funk-filled tracks with loads of saxophone and a danceable deep house vibe that is guaranteed to get the place moving. Just today they came out with their own remix of My Way by Sharam which you can grab for free download.

Hotel Garuda: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Sharam Ft. Honey Honey – My Way (Hotel Garuda Remix) [Radio Edit]

They also put their own spin on the Disclosure smash hit White Noise by taking the vocals from the MNEK cover of the song and backing it with their own saxophone infused production. The talents of two established producers in one room must be something else and you definitely have to check out their links to keep up with all their latest releases.

Disclosure – White Noise ft. AlunaGeorge (Hotel Garuda Edition)

Corona – Rhythm Of The Night (Hotel Garuda Remix)

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The Ketchup Post: Tennyson

Some artists make such an immediate impression once you discover them that it becomes a gold mine of good material. At times like these it’s absolutely time to get you all caught up with The Ketchup Post. See the rest of The Ketchup Post here!

I’m going to start this by confirming that yes, my friends have a dope taste in music. Our good friend Tyler Roper has been raving about Tennyson and it took until I finally saw a video of the live performance for me to become thoroughly hooked. Luke Tennyson is a 17 year old producer who makes some of the most unbelievable jazzy and ambient music I’ve come across. Just yesterday he released his remix of Daughter which you can pick up on his Bandcamp for only a buck!

Tennyson: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Daughter – Smother (Tennyson Remix)

This music falls outside the realm of “EDM” for anyone that wants to try and lump them into a particular label or genre. Performing alongside Tess on drums, these two are about as good as listening music gets and I really recommend checking out their whole project of originals the Blamer EP. You gotta see the video of them jamming out live on some perfectly chilled shit below and check their assorted links.

Tennyson – Blamer EP

Luke and Tess – Nu Nu

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The Ketchup Post: Dr. Fresch

Some artists make such an immediate impression once you discover them that it becomes a gold mine of good material. At times like these it’s absolutely time to get you all caught up with The Ketchup Post. See the rest of The Ketchup Post here!

When I first stumbled on Dr. Fresch I was blown away hearing Nate Dogg on a dance track in his track You’re My Obsession which also pulled vocals from a classic Grand Theft Auto: Vice City soundtrack song. As I began to scroll through his SoundCloud, every edit and original brought that same refined taste to funky retro production that was both enjoyable to listen to and danceable.

Dr. Fresch: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Dr. Fresch – You’re My Obsession (ft. Nate Dogg & Animotion)

It came with little surprise after a little digging to discover that not only is he the Dim Mak Records Resident DJ but the head of his own record label Prep School Recordings as well as the winner of the Insomniac Discovery Project Nocturnal Wonderland 2013. He’s got an absolutely golden ear and has built an impressive sound as a producer and has crafted original productions that bring the funk and remixes as diverse as you can imagine. We’re so happy to announce that Dr. Fresch will be holding down the mixing duties for ThatNewJamFM on 3/21 and we couldn’t be more excited!

Dr. Fresch – The Ketchup Post

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An interview with Auvic

Recently I had the opportunity to throw some questions at up-and-comer Auvic, who’s production style is incredibly unique. In a scene where it seems artists are recently struggling to create something different, his new album Voices is a diamond in the rough. After hearing Gareth Emery use his track “Highways & Highways” in both his Sirius XM show and his weekly podcast, I was so hyped on the sound that I had to reach out and get some details. Auvic was kind enough to answer all of my questions, and so below is the conversation that followed.

Q. First off I want to thank you on behalf of TNJ for doing this Q&A. A few of us here recently took a peak through your new Voices album and we were truly astonished, as is everyone I’ve shown it to. Was there any specific inspiration or idea behind the album, or was it just a collection of your more recent work?
A. No Problem. Voices was never really ‘planned.’ Before this, I was mainly writing neo-classical complex electro stuff and funky complex electro, planning albums and all, but that all got pushed aside when I wanted to do something else, which was Voices. I had drafts and drafts of Induce Insomnia, which was the first track, but I had abandoned it because I didn’t have enough inspiration or ideas to continue on. A month or two later, I wrote ‘Voices,’ and that’s where it all clicked, and I knew exactly what I wanted and how I wanted it. As a whole, it’s inspired by insomnia, cityscapes, good times, funky music vibes, personal situations, and certain colors and emotions.

Q. The album has been getting some support by some big names, most notably Gareth Emery. Did he contact you regarding your music? And how does it feel to have these huge names playing your tracks?
A. Quite honestly, I’m not really too big on names and such. I first got some support like that when I released Starships from Sean Tyas, which was pretty cool. With Gareth Emery, I read on a Soundcloud comment somewhere that he played it on his radio show and his podcast. It feels pretty sweet.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/81871261" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

Q. I’ve noticed from your Facebook profile that it seems you’ve had a bit of an up-and-down relationship towards music. Are there any specific artists you credit for your current involvement in the EDM scene?
A. When it comes to EDM alone, my two greatest tangible influences are Joey Youngman, aka Wolfgang Gartner, and Daft Punk. These two are geniuses, and I’ve spent countless nights just studying and studying their music and learning more about them. The more intangible ones are Kaskade and Deadmau5, I suppose since you may not be able to hear much similarities. I’ve been compared to Joe Garston and Mord Fustang, but honestly, that’s just two songs that I have that kind of sound like them, I guess.

Q. Well now that we’ve got a bit of insight into your music and inspiration, it’s time for some unrelated questions. What are your hobbies outside of music?
A. Going out and chilling with friends. I don’t really do anything else. Currently I’m studying full-time at Berklee.

Q. What’s something you couldn’t get by in life without?
A. My ears. If music never existed, I probably wouldn’t have either.

Q. If you were stranded on an island with an MP3 player that held only three songs, which three songs would you choose?
A. I would choose Face to Face by Daft Punk, my favorite song in the world. I would choose Counting Stars by Nujabes, my second favorite song in the world. And lastly, I would choose a song that I wrote more than 3 years ago for someone because it’s special.

Q. Seeing as you draw some influence from Daft Punk, you must be pretty psyched for Random Access Memories. Any opinion on the first single “Get Lucky”?
A. I’m literally geeking out over it. I’ve listened to it ever since bits of it have been released, and as we speak I’m listening to the radio edit which I’ve been playing on repeat for the past hour or so. Before that, I’ve even recreated and put together pieces of that song so I can get the full effect, just for fun.

Q. So the big question, what’ can we expect from you in the future? Any big ideas or plans for how you’ll be following up Voices?
A. I am planning MAJOR things. I’m currently writing several EP’s, a few collaborations, and other minor things. I’ve already started my 14-track album ‘Voices Call,’ while working on my first ‘planned’ album called ‘Beyond Ascendance.’ I’m also coming up with other album ideas as well, but they haven’t taken form yet.

Wow, seems like you’ve got your work cut out for you. It’s great to see such ambition, and I speak for all of us when I say that I can’t wait for it all to come together. We really appreciate you taking the time to answer these questions, and wish you good luck with all your future musical endeavors!
A. Awesome, sweet! Thanks!

Check out his new album VOICES below, and be sure to buy it on Beatport!

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/3960961" params="" width=" 100%" height="450" iframe="true" /]

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Ketchup Post – LUZCID

LUZCID - Shot Caller LP

LUZCID is the collaborative musical duo of Neil Berry and Jonathan Bartz. Currently based out of New Paltz, NY, the pair, in my opinion, should be commended for their ability to blend a multitude of genres and styles, while still creating a unique and tasteful sound. Their Shot Caller LP, which was just released earlier today, is a prime example of exactly that. Consisting of 5 original tracks and 2 remixes, it is a satisfying mix of diverse trapstyle tunes, that are guaranteed to have your bass kicking, and your feet moving. We may only be 4 months into 2013, but the duo has already opened for artists such as gLAdiator, Alvin Risk, and DJ Sliink, and is scheduled to play at the Bella Terra Music Festival, Forest Fest, and the Freedom of Expression Music Festival. With that said, look for 2013 to be a huge year for LUZCID! And be sure to cop their new Shot Caller LP!

LUZCID: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

LUZCID – Shot Caller LP

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Gabriel Stark – GATSBY (Complete Free Album)

Through a mutual contact, I came across this young & talented artist by the name of Gabriel Stark earlier today and HAD to put him on blast. The Bronx native has garnered positive attention from some of music’s biggest blogs and has been covered in both XXL and Prefix Magazine. He spit a quick “Sucker Free” freestyle for MTV back in February which can be seen here. Below is his most recent album (his seventh already) which features some amazing music. Peep the record and be sure to follow on him via social media connections.

Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Gabriel Stark – GATSBY (Complete Free Album)

Check out his official video to “Cake” too.

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