BroBible’s ‘Mid-Winter Whiteout’ Party Playlist

BroBible’s ‘Mid-Winter Whiteout’ Party Playlist

Week 3 of computer silence which mean’s the ‘White Girl Wasted’ Weekend Power Hour for BroBible must be put on hold on favor of another week in favor of an alternative. This week, to commemorate The Day After Tomorrow style blizzard that everyone and their mother has put up a Facebook status about, we’ve put together a playlist to help you guys make it through the weekend. With everything from Drake to the RAC remix of The Killers and Joey Bada$$ to TNJ favorite M.A.R.S., this playlist has something for everyone. No beer and shot glasses this week but maybe some whiskey? Heard that stuff keeps you nice and warm.

BroBible’s ‘Mid-Winter Whiteout’ Party Playlist

Written by: @randymcrandell | @thatnewjam



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