Breaking News: Tomorrowland to Visit New Destination & Become TommorowWorld in September

Breaking News That New Jam Tomorrowland To Visit New Destination & Become TomorrowWorld in September

It’s right around the time when tickets to your festival sell out 180,000 tickets in ONE SECOND that you may want to consider having a second location? Turns out the Beers brothers who founded Tomorrowland were thinking ahead and announced this morning that the famed festival for electronic music lovers/fans of Alice In Wonderland will be hitting the road this year to a yet-to-be-announced location. The festival will be held Sept 27-29 of 2013 and from the founders in a HuffPo article today:

Though the location of the new festival has yet to be announced, the Beers brothers promise it will take place somewhere “that feels like a second home” that’s “similar to our fantastic terrain in Belgium”.

The announcement came coupled with a YouTube video that captures the magical/mystical element that seems to be making “Journey to Tomorrowland” a unanimous addition to everyone’s bucketlist as well as an official website which you can check here. This year’s Tomorrowland festival will unite dance music lovers from across 214 nations, that being 10 more nations than represented with attendance at the 2012 London Olympics.

TomorrowWorld – The next step in the history of Tomorrowland

With news this big, everyone is wondering where the event may be held and long-standing EDM industry agitator Albert Berdellans aka EDMSnob has already taken to Twitter to give his “official leak” which he says to be in Atlanta? Not sure how “similar to our fantastic terrain in Belgium” ATL is not to mention the general failure of Europe-America crossovers like the Sensation series but there was an earlier announcement that Counterpoint Music Festival (held the same weekend in Atlanta) was being moved this year. A source close to CounterPoint music festival said the Atlanta prediction was “purely speculation” according to WRR and in reality, only time and an official announcement will only tell.

Written by: @randymcrandell | @thatnewjam